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July 2017

Tips When Choosing Your Scuba Tanks

Floating looks easy when you're lying on the surface of a swimming pool. Keeping your body horizontal looks like child's play. But when you're strapped down with gear, breathing in huge gulps and trying to maintain a certain depth, all the while adjusting the air flow hoses and valves, it can be quite a challenge! Scuba tanks can greatly affect your buoyancy and choosing the right one for your trip – as [...]

Sprucing Up for Spring with a New Bathroom Vanity

It's here again … that time of the year when we dive into spring cleaning and sprucing up the house. What better project to tackle than renovation that old bathroom with a fresh look! Most of us do not remodel our bathrooms often, and some of us probably have vanities in our bathrooms that time forgot! The easiest and fastest way to renew the look of your bathroom of three decades ago is to [...]

Can You Use a Patio Heater in a Gazebo?

Many wonder about the safety of using a patio heater in a gazebo. A gazebo is a nice place to sit during the evening and does get cold like a patio during the cooler months of the year. It is fine to run a patio heater in a gazebo under certain circumstances. Make sure that the gazebo is not enclosed. It must be wide open like your patio would be outside of the beams that are holding up the roof. [...]

Seattle To Alaska Cruise – Easy Guide to a Wonderful Cruise

There are many choices as to what you can see on a Seattle to Alaska Cruise including: historical places, costal attractions, beautiful scenery, evergreen forests, Mount McKinley (North America’s Tallest Peak), Denali National Park, grizzly bears, otters, seals, Killer and Humpback Whales, and maybe even a few dolphins along the way. There is quite a bit to look forward if you plan to take a cruise to Alaska. You can also take helicopter tours, go mountain biking, and challenge [...]

June 2017

Why Use Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

There are billions of wine enthusiasts across the globe these days, ranging in enthusiasm from amateur to veteran, who store wine in their homes on a daily basis. They store their bottles in a refrigerator, in a cooler, in an individual wine bottle chiller, in a wine cellar or even in a thermoelectric cooler. Thermoelectric coolers are becoming more and more popular among collectors worldwide because of their ability to hold large amounts of wine, [...]

2013 NFL Week 13 Review – The All Time Greatest Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers and Running Backs

WEEK 13 REVIEW The 10-1 Seattle Seahawks came to play when they faced the 9-2 New Orleans Saints at home in Week 13. The entire first quarter was dominated by the Seahawks scoring a 22 yard field goal half way through the quarter. Less than 1 minute later they compared again on a fumble recovery from 22 yards out. With 1:55 left in the first quarter, Russell Wilson connected with Zach Miller for [...]

How to Effectively Promote Your Book Online

Self published novel or ebook? Generate sales with proven online marketing strategies. If you're looking to market your personally authored book or ebook, learn from the Internet marketing experts. Selling books online is a great way to promote your product and increase sales. Although many marketing methods are available, there are some in particular that have proven to generate above average results for selling books – printed and electronic. Learn [...]

No Medical Insurance

Disaster can strike when you do not have Medical Insurance. Do your medical bills grow before your very eyes? How do you pay these escalating medical bills when you can’t afford it? Disaster can strike when you do not have medical insurance for yourself or your family. Do you think people do not have medical insurance because they don’t want it? Do you think it is frivolous? -What happens when you: (1) Lose Your Job (2) Get Sick (3) Relocate—. When you need to make [...]

The Essential Christmas Web-store Makeover

Ten great tips to turn online holiday shoppers into eager buyers – and satisfied customers. When meeting potential clients, you wouldn’t dream of showing up late in a mismatched outfit, hair disheveled, with food on your tie and no business card, would you? And if they asked for testimonials or explanations about your company policies you’d hardly say, “Sorry, I don’t give out that information.” So why do it on your website? Just like in person, Internet shoppers look for clues (consciously or not) that suggest you are [...]

Discover Important Tips on How to Relocate to Brazil

Have you dreamed of living near the beach? Joining in the festivals at Rio De Janeiro? This could become a reality if you start making plans today. Here, I'll bring you the best important tips on how to relocate to Brazil: 1. Permanent visas are granted, in most cases, to those who have formed family relationships with Brazilians. Definitive permanence is granted to foreigners who have Brazilian children, as long as [...]